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Copper is not only a widely used metal, but also commonly alloyed. For thousands of years, humans He experimented with copper and combined it with other elements to produce a wide variety of alloys. many metals cannot be easily combined with other elements. Copper is one of the easiest to process. The most popular alloys Bronze and brass became the basis for the manufacture of hundreds of other copper alloys. No wonder copper is found almost everywhere, from the table where you eat to the engine of your car.

Most metals, especially ferrous ones, are susceptible to oxidation. Iron contents from air or they form rust on their surfaces as soon as they combine with the oxygen from the moisture. Copper, a non-ferrous metal, reacts differently when exposed to oxygen. Rather than degenerate, it resists further oxidation on its surface. it creates a layer of material called patina that acts as a shield. This incredible quality charms copper, makes it an ideal material for sculptures, building parts, and other applications that require extreme durability.

Besides its high electrical conductivity, copper is an excellent conductor of heat. This property is especially critical for applications involving exposure to high temperatures. Although most metals conduct heat, copper excels in this respect, which makes it hot water heat exchangers in warehouses, underfloor heating systems, all-weather football It makes it the most ideal material for fields and car radiators. You will also find many pot bottoms made of copper plate.

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